Karin Schaupp (guitar) Umberto Clerici (cello)

Sunday 15 October-4.30pm


Bringing together two of Australia’s finest and most expressive instrumentalists.

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Karin Schaupp and Umberto Clerici continue their critically acclaimed collaboration with a program exploring song
throughout the ages. From gentle Spanish lullabies to fiery contemporary works,
from Schubert to De Falla, Clerici and Schaupp reinvent

beautiful melodies with lush accompaniments for the unique and intoxicating combination of cello and guitar.



Schubert – Lob der Tränen; Ravel – Kaddish; Monteverdi- Lasciatemi Morire
Cacccini- Amarilli; Rodrigo- Aranjuez Ma Pensee; Mendelssohn Op. 62 no. 1 Songs without Words
Manuel de Falla – Jota; John Rutter- selected Songs; Rachmaninoff- Song of Grusia op. 4 no. 4
Dvorak Lasst Mich Allein op. 82/1; Copland (arr. Nestor) At the River
Elena Kats Chernin- Eliza’s Aria from Wild Swans Suite


How to describe a story, as an emotional journey, better than with songs? Music can say and hide more than a simple written text. This programme uses song arrangements to take the audience on a journey through life, from childhood to a reflection on death and all that comes in between: love, jealousy, family, illness, joys and battles. The music will come from five centuries of music, from the Italian Renaissance to the present day. From the simple beauty of the naive Lullabies by Britten to the Jewish reflection on death with Ravel’s Kaddish, all re-conceived for cello and guitar.

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